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Ann Mitchell: Music & Video

Over the Rainbow

(Ann Mitchell)

One of my favorite genres to perform would be, without question,  the unforgettable hits originally sung by female vocalists ~ Rosemary Clooney, Patti Page, Judy Garland, Peggy Lee, Doris Day ~ and more.  I created [and continue to perform] my tribute to these great female crooners of the 40's/50's.  REMEMBER THE LADIES! features some of the best tunes from the HIT PARADE. 

The stories behind the songs are classic.  For example, did you know that Rosie C wasn't particularly fond of singing COME ON A MY HOUSE?  She preferred singing lush do I!  Kay Starr did not read music.  Jo Stafford studied classically!   Judy Garland is my favorite vocalist.  The passion in her performance - whether onstage or in her movies - has always been an inspiration to me as a vocalist. 

I look forward to performing REMEMBER THE LADIES: The Fabulous Females of the 40's & 50's or JUDY! for your event soon.